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April 4, 2010
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Starcraft Terran Medic by VonSchlippe Starcraft Terran Medic by VonSchlippe
30 hours of painting on this Starcraft Terran Medic project; this is my twist on the official Blizzard Terran Marine wallpaper.

This is a birthday gift for Casualzombie!

Hope you like it!

PS: I've submitted it to the Blizz fan-art program... fingers crossed!

EDIT: OMG IT HAS GONE THROUGH! I'm on the fan art page! :D *epic victory*

EDIT 2: Here is a making-of showing the steps I took to create this image. It's a series of commented WIP screenshots. Thanks everyone for the incredible response!

EDIT 3: A year later, I've made a sequel to this drawing! Here's my Terran Ghost! [link]
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How do the Medics walk around in their heavy bulky Medic armor? Like seriously, they're young women who aren't train to fight on the field like the Space Marines. Underneath the Medics' armor most of the time are slender female bodies that range in weights of 100 to 130 pounds. 

Like how are these ladies able move around in their armor in the battlefield so effortlessly when they are each wearing an ambulance in humanoid armored suit form? I bet most of these Medics out of their suits can't even lift up a crowbar but some how a 1000 pound suit of armor with medical equipment strapped onto them? 

Most of the female fighters in Star Craft are the Ghosts most of the time and those ladies have bodies that seem to small to move around in the medic armor also? They can fight but they do so without heavy armor even though that armor has armor protection that could protect them better in their missions the for the medics who don't fight.

like are the women who are medics like female weight lifters being able to wear that heavy armor of theirs with no trouble?
The answer is quite simple frankly, and currently being developped as we speak by major military and civilian contractors; a powered exoskeleton!…

The idea is that of a wearable suit that provides either the partial or total energy required for movement through hydraulic or electrical motors. The armor basically carries itself, as long as it has power; that's the major current issue with this technology, being that most modern power supplies allow limited performance.

Thanks for asking!
That explains how such cute Terran lady medics can walk around in this hulking things with ease? Now if only the armors could help them get killed less by Zerg :)
trueshinobi01 Nov 30, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I most certainly like SC2 A.I. matchups, but the multiplayer is very very hard
DatMine Nov 18, 2013  Professional Artist
trueshinobi01 Nov 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
The medic girls are definitely some of the sexiest 3D women
Why cant all nurses be that cool and hot. Nice job.  The lighting is awesome
cobalt-spark Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
'Where does it hurt?'

although I mostly play Zerg, God you just gotta love these units...
Unreal your work is brilliant, the detail is unbelievable I hope you wouldn't mind me using it for my Twitch channel. Please do moar :)
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